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Saturday, April 26, 2014

First day in Seattle skatecation!

Pretty much as soon I was off the plane I picked up my clown car rental and headed to the first skatepark of the weekend, Jefferson.
Hilja and Carrie were there waiting for me, yay girl skaters! :D
Awesome view of downtown Seattle in the background from this skatepark!
Weird random key hole, had to grind over it! :)

Then we headed to the Skate Like A Girl welcome event where I met up with the Stess family, Andrew, Moniz, Minna, and Finnley. Yay skate family!
It was freezing so we squished into the clown car and headed out to eat and be warm!
The food was delish, the company was great, and the kids turned wild after I gave them candy. Case in point, Minna crawling around on my clown car. Heh..
And then off to bed!
Stay tuned for more shenanigans! :)

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