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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Last day AZ skatecation

Well the time has come, the skatecation has sadly ended, but it certainly will not be the last!

We hit up Union Hills first so I can meet up with the one and only, OGBetty Patty McGee! 

Here are some photos of the crew:

Patti and me:

Here I am doing a handstand on my moving board in front of Patti, who was the first girl to ever do one! :)

Random skate photos:

I had the most fun, by far! At Union Hills! :D

Next we went to Tempe skatepark for my last skate sesh before heading out:

And to celebrate the end of my trip, a drink before heading to the airport with Carley, Natalie, Carl, Laura, and Jean:

And in the end, I didn't break myself, and all I have to show for this skate trip besides a fabulous tan are these ankle biters. My board bit me a lot!

Thanks to Jean and family for hosting me and showing me a wonderful skatecation!!!!! <3

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