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Monday, April 28, 2014

Seattle skatecation day 3, contest day!

So I decided to do the Skate Like a Girl 'Wheels of Fortune' street contest. I'm not a street skater but I had fun!

We started the day off skating Lower Woodland skatepark where I ran into these rad chicks that were warming up there for the contest as well.
Love this bowl!

Then off to All Together Skatepark for the contest where I pretended to be a street skater. :)
Top 3 in the over 30 division.
Loved skating with these kids!
Look at me go! :P I'm the blur. Ha.
So much fun!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Seattle skatecation day 2, 5 skateparks!

I think I went to 5 skateparks today?
I need some ibuprofen.
I'm feelin it, haha..

First stop was Seattle Center. It can be fun, but not my style. Still managed to have fun though with the kids!
Group shot with the Stess's, Hilja, and Will.
Minna and I did some wall rides..

Then we were off to Jefferson skatepark to meet up with all the ladies in town for the Skate Like A Girl event, Wheels of Fortune. 
This bowl is super fun!

Food break was next with my awesome skate friend Madi and parents, Michelle and Mike, at a rad cafe called the Tiny Ninja. Ha.. The chai tea was fabulous!
We decided to check out All Together Skatepark since the contest was there the next day. I pretended to be a street skater. 

Then off to Marginal Way, to skatepark under the bridge. Because you know you have to hit this iconic place when you're in Seattle!
And we ran into Sally! She shreds! Love her surf style!
I admittedly didn't skate it much, but here's a shot:

Then off to Belvue to meet up with the ladies here for the contest. The place was packed with girls shredding!
It was very slippery but fun.
It is also where I tore up my poor knees. Such is the skate life! :P
Minna took a shot of me getting ready to go.. Haha..
And one I get board..
And I hit this rail..

And then I went home to ice my knees, take a hot shower, and eat some ibuprofen! :P

Saturday, April 26, 2014

First day in Seattle skatecation!

Pretty much as soon I was off the plane I picked up my clown car rental and headed to the first skatepark of the weekend, Jefferson.
Hilja and Carrie were there waiting for me, yay girl skaters! :D
Awesome view of downtown Seattle in the background from this skatepark!
Weird random key hole, had to grind over it! :)

Then we headed to the Skate Like A Girl welcome event where I met up with the Stess family, Andrew, Moniz, Minna, and Finnley. Yay skate family!
It was freezing so we squished into the clown car and headed out to eat and be warm!
The food was delish, the company was great, and the kids turned wild after I gave them candy. Case in point, Minna crawling around on my clown car. Heh..
And then off to bed!
Stay tuned for more shenanigans! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Last day AZ skatecation

Well the time has come, the skatecation has sadly ended, but it certainly will not be the last!

We hit up Union Hills first so I can meet up with the one and only, OGBetty Patty McGee! 

Here are some photos of the crew:

Patti and me:

Here I am doing a handstand on my moving board in front of Patti, who was the first girl to ever do one! :)

Random skate photos:

I had the most fun, by far! At Union Hills! :D

Next we went to Tempe skatepark for my last skate sesh before heading out:

And to celebrate the end of my trip, a drink before heading to the airport with Carley, Natalie, Carl, Laura, and Jean:

And in the end, I didn't break myself, and all I have to show for this skate trip besides a fabulous tan are these ankle biters. My board bit me a lot!

Thanks to Jean and family for hosting me and showing me a wonderful skatecation!!!!! <3

Day 4 in AZ

Today I skated more. Surprise! :P

First Jean and I started with a leisurely bike ride to the school:

Then we stopped at 20th and Southern skatepark (no one knows the name):

And I pretended to be a street skater again:

The next rad spot was Desert West. This bowl is uh-mazing! 

And I had fun! :)

And Jean killed it:

And we were silly:

Then we went to the Wedge. Which isn't fun with a lot of people there.

And I had fun in a feature not even in the skatepark :P

But we managed to learn hippie jumps. Seriously, the best thing we skated there, haha:

That is all.