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Monday, June 6, 2011

2 Weekends of Skating Oregon and Washington in Pictures

Wondering how I'll get fast enough to go higher at Battlegrounds, WA
Going over the loveseat at Battlegorunds, WA

Not going as high as I wanted, but figuring it out...

Airing out at Carnation Skatepark, WA

Airing out at Carnation Skatepark, fast fun bowl!

Met up with Alyssa and Clem at Bellevue Skatepark, WA

Skated Marginal Way with Jenny and Sally

Skated Lower Woodlands in WA with Hilja and ran in to these guys too! :D

This is the most girls that I have skated with at one time, I was stoked! Skating at Lower Woodlands in WA.

I had the notion to do a cartwheel whilst on the ferry... How many times in your life can you say you did that? :P

Interesting spot for a 'no skateboarding' sign. Most likely if you try it you and your board will end up in the water... Port Townsend, WA

We stayed at this awesome 122 year old mansion in Port Townsend :D

This bowl at Lower Woodlands is by far my most favorite and fastest ever!!! :D

Frontside carve action at Lower Woodlands, WA

Feeble stall at West Linn, OR

Working on f/s air at West Linn, OR

Carving the biggest and gnarliest bowl. Pier skatepark in Oregon

Slash grinding at Marginal Way
That carve kept throwing me to a b/s air on this hip. Pier OR

I love turtes/tortoises and this one was plucked from it's home in Africa and brought to the Rose Festival in Portland 

This poor baby tiger was at the Rose Festival in Portland too

And of course, we stopped to skate Burnside! So gnarly!

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