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Friday, June 24, 2011

Long time no update?

Well it's a combination of being busy and lazy... (at least I'm honest hehe)

I'm on the road with the Girls Riders Organization and it's been crazy! We are currently in Chicago. It's an interesting city... Yesterday I skated Wilson skatepark with Soma and Javier who are both awesome hosts as well. I liked the park but it's super bumpy and rough. You have to pump every hip and wall you can in the flow bowl. I like the combi because it's tight, however, it has the weird coping that rolls over the edge, but there's nothing on top... We are heading back there today for the GRO ride session, then heading to Circus skatepark where a bunch of girl bmx riders will be...

I'll come back and update more about this trip and prior trips... Stay tuned! Pictures to come as well! :D

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