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Monday, May 23, 2011

Skating out on the peninsula area of WA...

Friday and Saturday were most epic skate days in the surrounding Seattle area. We planned on skating the Seattle area, but a friend suggested some other parks, so I looked them up and said ok. Had we known the drive would take so long, we might have said no, but we are most certainly glad that we went! I skated some of the best parks ever!!!!

When we finally arrived in Bainbridge Island, we met up with Ian and skated Bainbridge to start. I wasn't too stoked on this park because it is rough and takes a lot of effort to flow. My little legs had to work extra hard to hit every wall in one run! ;) Anyway, we didn't stay long, we considered this our warm up park...

Next we moved on to Port Townsend, which is one of my favorite parks ever! The bowls are epic! We stayed and skated here for a bit. It was a great atmosphere as well because there was a parade going on and we had tons of spectators!

This is a photo of me working on b/s airs on this hip of the flow bowl. It was a fun run because then I went to a f/s air from the higher to lower section of the deep end. I felt like I was boosting! haha... This flow bowl is great because you can flow for a while! The other bowl is also very fun, even though every wall is really steep. It's fast with lots of flow too.

We were hesitant to leave Port Townsend because we were thinking, how could there be any better??? But we moved on, and we were happy with what we found. The next destination was to Port Angeles. This park has the most flow ever! I can't say I like it more than Port Townsend, but I definitely love the big bowl because it has endless flow. Seriously, you can just go forever and not even break a sweat! You can transfer from one bowl to the other all day, and all 3 bowls are fun. I spent most of my time in the bigger bowl, finding lines and doing airs. It has a section that is like a full pipe, without the full, so I would do f/s airs on the hip into that section. Gnarly! ;)

We stayed at this park for a while. Even when my legs were yelling at me to stop, I just couldn't! Endless flow for days! You just don't find this gem every day!

But alas, we had to leave eventually. The sun was almost down and we had a 2 hour drive back to Bainbridge to drop Ian off and then get a hotel for the night. The next day we weren't sure if we were going to skate because it had rained earlier and we didn't know if the parks would be dry, so we went to the Tacoma mall to check out the Vans store, get some grub, and move on. The next stop was Milton, and I'm glad we stopped there for a warm up, because that park has lots of flow as well. It also reminded us of Carbondale skatepark in Colorado. Ricky insists they were probably made around the same time, by the same people. I can almost agree because they are very similar as far as how it was made.

We pretty much had this to ourselves, besides 2 other guys that showed up to shred, but we didn't stay long. I decided we should move on because the clouds looked like they were going to pop and it would rain any time soon. Women's intuition. ;)
So we moved on to Kent, and we are stoked we did. This park has one of the funnest bowls. It has a full pipe and huge walls. It is definitely not for the ungnarly... We skated here for a bit, running laps in that bowl over and over and over until we could barely move. Which was good because as I had thought, it started raining. So the skate trip was over and we had a long drive back to Yakima, but this trip is by far my best ever!


  1. wow, last time I was at Bainbridge there was no Graffiti... I also was there when Transworld filmed for one of their videos in 2003, Danny Way waved for me to drop in and in my run I slashed the coping, got wheel bite coming down and hipper'd right into the water fall. I felt awesome...

  2. nice!
    and maybe just a touch of jellis : )

    you do realize learning to carve the raindrops is part of the value of your adventure ... right?
    git some!