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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Skating at Moorpark and bailing hard!

Last night I skated Moorpark with Abby and her dad was taking photos. It's a decent park, I like the flow area, but it's really blind so you really have to watch where you are at and where others are at. I'm pretty sure bikes and scooters are not allowed, but there were tons there! Lame! Anyway, the pool bowl is interesting. The shallow end is square with stairs and the deep end has 3 stairs and a death box. Still fun if you can manage it. I managed the deep end, not so much those darn stairs...
Best bail shot ever! Going too fast over the stairs... Oops! ;)

Did get some airs in the flow bowl but it has a weird over vert pocket with a nice hip but it's hard to get to...
Trying to throw smiles in with my airs. It's hard. :P

Abby can do the stairs just fine :P
Abby shreds with style! :D

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