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Friday, July 22, 2011

Etnies in Lake Forest is for mongo kids...

Well it looks like a fun park, and I'm sure it can be, when you're not surrounded by tons of kids and the sun blaring in your eyes! :P I didn't really have as much fun as I could have here. There were too many kids and the sun was right in my eyes.
Once the sun went down it got better, but the kids were still there so it was difficult to skate hard with so many going every which way. This was the first skatepark I have been to where every person there was in the early stages of learning. It was crazy! Usually all the kids are better than me!

This park is a really good size, and they are adding on to it so it will be bigger, but the bowl where they are building the cradle will have to be a one run bowl because there are lots of blind spots.
The new course looks fun but lots of blind spots in the cradle bowl. The other bowl is tight!

Overall a fun park, if there are only a few people there and the sun isn't blinding you...

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