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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ojai has a fun bowl :D

Sunday session at Ojai was fun. I skated with Abby and Cenen, a fellow BDS guy. Cenen and Chris Z took the photos.
Overall the park is fun but the street section could be a bit more flowy, plus it's tiny.
The prize of this park is the bowl. I love the sound of tile and it has the smoothest cheater pool coping I've ever seen. It was definitely made well and very smooth.
I'll be going back there tonight for a session so I'm pretty excited to get my shred on in that bowl again!

Cenen, Abby and I
Learned a new trick! Blunt to rock fakie/rock n roll
Rock fakie with the 8 wheeler

Doubles with Abby, rock n rollin! ;)

Yes, I can grind with the 8, somehow...
8 wheels out! :D

The Ojai bowl

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