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Monday, May 9, 2011

Skating downtown Denver skatepark

This park is a huge outdoor 50,000 sq ft concrete skatepark. The vibe at this park is very different than any other skatepark I've been to, as is the vibe in any downtown area. Nonetheless, it is a most convenient park to get to and skate. There are usually tons of people there, all doing their own thing, trying to land tricks and just hanging out. It's not  my favorite skatepark, simply because of the concrete surface, but with anything worth doing in life, you adapt and overcome. This skatepark is very slippery but it is very fun with lots to do for any age, any ability.

Last night I took my 8 year old niece there to skate. I'm teaching her how to skateboard and she's really liking it. I found out when we first started that she is goofy. I am regular. She tried to go regular because she saw me that way but I saw her try goofy first so I knew that's the way she will skate. Anyway, she was having fun on the bumps and just skating around the park.
I met another girl there to skate with. She liked my airs so I taught her the grab for a frontside air on a hip. I think airing hips is much easier, so that's where I started her. She did well and eventually started landed them. I didn't skate much but I enjoyed teaching her frontside hip airs and boneless to tail from flat to ledge.
Much of what I do this summer will be teaching other girls how to skateboard and play roller derby. I'm getting a head start with my niece and others around here. Stay tuned for more info about the upcoming trip.... ;)

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