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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Major Update! :D

Well, I've been quiet about where when I'm going on these adventures, so here goes!

I'll be heading to Washington state next week for a couple weeks with Ricky. He'll be working and I'll be skating every day. We'll be in Yakima so hit me up if you want to skate! We'll be traveling to Portland and Seattle a lot to skate there too!

After a few weeks I'll be coming back to Colorado to take care of some final business, then heading out on tour with Girl Riders Organization! Exciting!!!! Here is the link to the page with dates of where we will be. We are starting in New York at the Maloof Money Cup and ending in L.A. at the X-Games! I feel very blessed to be asked to travel with GRO and I am beyond excited! I'll be teaching girls across the country how to skateboard and play roller derby, and we may be coming to a city near you!

The adventures start very soon!

I will miss skating Memorial in Colorado Springs, and all my rad skate friends, and I will miss my roller derby team, but I am very excited to start this new journey and share it with everyone out there! :D

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